Simple Switch: Go and tell.

Spare Some Time

It was inevitable. I can still hear his voice saying these words that, to this day, remain locked up in the deep recesses of my mind. “Son, your room is a mess and you need to go clean it up” he would say with harsh tone. This phrase was one that was uttered to me on, what felt like, a daily basis.

I was (some would suggest I still am) a particularly messy kid when I was younger. I would leave blocks of Legos, various action figures and scraps of what was, at one time, delicious food splattered on the floor of my room. The messes I left always prompted my dad to say “son, your room is a mess and you need to go clean it up” to which I would always reply “do I have to?”

Whether I liked it or not I had a responsibility. Looking back…

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Simple Switch: Understand that the truth is truth.

Preacherpollard's Blog

Neal Pollard

Philosophical types revel in “not knowing.”  They like to challenge and undermine the faith of believers, asserting that we cannot really know anything.  It is a sort of insanity, really.  Can you imagine going through life confident only of the belief that nobody can truly know anything?  Yet, that is where a great many stand, including some who would profess to be Christians.  They say, “Objective truth is unknowable,” “God is unknowable,” and only fools and simpletons say otherwise.

Poor John.  He missed that memo.  It was not because he lived in the time before philosophy was born.  He wrote that masterful, Divinely-inspired first epistle bearing his name at the front end of a movement that would come to be known as “gnosticism.”  While gnostics would consider themselves an elite spiritual force who alone had special knowledge, they and their predecessors to whom John writes enjoyed trying to…

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Simple Switch: Reconsider guidance.

Preacherpollard's Blog

Neal Pollard

When I was preaching in Virginia, I received a call from a concerned brother in another state.  He related to me that the congregation where he was attending was trying to push for women to serve in the church’s leadership roles.  He explained that the preacher’s and leadership’s defense and rationale was that the Holy Spirit was moving among them and leading them to this conclusion.

Have you ever heard a person or congregation seek to promote or defend a practice by claiming this kind of Spirit-guidance?  On the surface, it may seem powerful or compelling.  After all, if God is leading one to do something who is to oppose it?

The interesting (and important) thing is that the Spirit has already led us to truth on the matters pertaining to life and godliness (cf. 2 Pet. 1:3).  The Spirit inspired His Bible writers to reveal all truth…

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The simple switch: Consider His wisdom, not your own.

Tempered Souls

Recently I engaged in a debate with a long time acquaintance of over the topic of evolution in the Bible.  He believes that because of the Earth and the universes age, there must have been more time in the creation account than what we are told in Genesis 1.  In his recent correspondence in response to my answers he made a connection to the effect of: science knew it before the Bible knew it.  He used an example from Revelation when John stated “the four corners of the earth” (7:1; 12:8) to show that before science proved that the earth was a sphere the Bible says that it was flat.  Now I know there many ways to show that this was not what John is saying here but I want to just focus on this idea of when the Bible knew something opposed to when science finally “proved” it.


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Simple Switch: Know that God’s Word rings true…and nothing less.

Morality Check

No, my kids are not smarter than yours, nor can they lay out an argument that would inspire the masses.  However they are children (one boy, one girl), and believe me that this is enough.  It is unbelievable just how startling the differences are between boys and girls at such a young age…

When my daughter spends time with me, the time is often filled with holding her baby dolls for her and cuddling her.  Whereas if my son wants attention, he comes over and head-butts me or throws a ball in my direction.  I have observed moments where my daughter will be sitting in a sweet motherly way holding and caring for her babies, while my son runs with a football and intentionally takes a head dive 18 inches before hitting the wall.  What is up with boys and girls?

Interesting facts of life show that boys and girls…

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The Simple Switch: Writing God’s law on our hearts.

The New Self

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Many people in America find themselves living under a double-standard. They love the tremendous freedoms and privileges American citizenship offers, and yet they protest the very laws that govern them. They fail to realize that in order to receive the benefits, it’s imperative that they submit to the laws this country stands for. Much of the same attitude permeates the world of denominational “Christianity.” Many well-intentioned people have argued that the only requirement of the Christian is belief that Jesus is the risen Christ. They preach that rules and regulations have no part in their religion, often citing the apostle Paul who wrote, “…for you are not under law but under grace,” (Rom. 6:14).  It is certainly true that that we are no longer under the Mosaic Law as a requirement for salvation (Rom. 7:6). However, does that mean there…

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The simple switch: A) Serve Self? or B) Serve God?

The New Self

The salvation of sinful men and women throughout history has come through one avenue: the grace of God. Even the Jews, who served under the Law of Moses, were saved solely by God’s grace rather than their own works (c.f. Hebrews 9:15). However, some people embrace God’s gift of salvation in a rather smug manner. Their view of grace is that it allows them to continue to engage in their favorite sins; all the while they maintain their hope of heaven. They may say something like, “God knows I’ll never be perfect. I’m a sinner and His grace is there to cover it.” Did you know there was a time when God’s people viewed His grace in that very manner? He sent them the prophet Isaiah to proclaim what He thought of their view of His grace.

The prophet speaks for God when he says:

“Behold, the Lord’s hand is…

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