Why Do You Think What You Think?

I saw this on Facebook through a friend of a friend.
“Great thought-provoking question…
I got a question for anyone who wants to post, that I ponder about quite frequently. WHY do you believe what you believe? To focus the question a bit better, everyone has political, religious, moral etc. beliefs that generally govern your day to day life. Everyone seems to have a passionate belief that they are convinced of that effects [sic] them greatly. At some point (or points) in your life, you

began to believe in whatever you believe in. What was the biggest factor that influenced that belief of beliefs? I DON’T WANT WHAT YOU BELIEVE, just WHY; in fact keep what it is out if possible. If you do come up with a “Why” ask yourself again why you believe in that. You may have to ask yourself why several times to get down to the true and honest “Why you believe what you believe” I’m interested to see what you come up with.”
The simple switch: Consider, perhaps for the first time, why we believe what we believe.

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