Simple Switch: Understand that the truth is truth.

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Neal Pollard

Philosophical types revel in “not knowing.”  They like to challenge and undermine the faith of believers, asserting that we cannot really know anything.  It is a sort of insanity, really.  Can you imagine going through life confident only of the belief that nobody can truly know anything?  Yet, that is where a great many stand, including some who would profess to be Christians.  They say, “Objective truth is unknowable,” “God is unknowable,” and only fools and simpletons say otherwise.

Poor John.  He missed that memo.  It was not because he lived in the time before philosophy was born.  He wrote that masterful, Divinely-inspired first epistle bearing his name at the front end of a movement that would come to be known as “gnosticism.”  While gnostics would consider themselves an elite spiritual force who alone had special knowledge, they and their predecessors to whom John writes enjoyed trying to…

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