Simple Switch: Know that God’s Word rings true…and nothing less.

Morality Check

No, my kids are not smarter than yours, nor can they lay out an argument that would inspire the masses.  However they are children (one boy, one girl), and believe me that this is enough.  It is unbelievable just how startling the differences are between boys and girls at such a young age…

When my daughter spends time with me, the time is often filled with holding her baby dolls for her and cuddling her.  Whereas if my son wants attention, he comes over and head-butts me or throws a ball in my direction.  I have observed moments where my daughter will be sitting in a sweet motherly way holding and caring for her babies, while my son runs with a football and intentionally takes a head dive 18 inches before hitting the wall.  What is up with boys and girls?

Interesting facts of life show that boys and girls…

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