What Goes Up Must Come Down


I’m seeing a scary parallel in the global society with what is found in Isaiah 47. What do you think?

In Isaiah 47:1-4, you’ll see that God has a plan for the nation of Babylon. This was the nation that had taken the Israelites into captivity, but we ultimately see who is in charge of the situation (47:4). There are four reasons given for why Babylon will fall:

  1. Their lack of mercy (5-6)
  2. Their pride (7-8)
  3. Their trust in wickedness (10)
  4. Their trust in science and sorcery (12-13)

This becomes important for our lives when we realize that any of us could be heavily engaged in any of these. The obvious solution would be to become merciful, humble, righteous, and trust in the divine. To fail to do so, yields destruction (47:15). Ultimately, your direction is left up to you (47:15).

What is your choice? Will you not make the simple switch? Will you not yield to salvation?



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