How One Person Affects the World

I truly believe that any human being, including you, can affect the whole, entire world. Here’s how.

My wife and I recently returned to Denver from a family vacation at Lake Tahoe. We had expected to land 20 minutes earlier than we did, due to inclement weather. Still, it was a good, regular flight in the end. After our plane parked on the tarmac, we waited for all the people to file out. We knew our time would be extended due to the fact that we were sitting in the very back of the plane. To pass the time, I figured I’d do what was best—daydream by looking out the window. When I did, I saw something rather rare. The plane next to us had police cars with their lights lit up on both sides. Near the middle of this plane, was a full military color guard holding flags that were raised and blowing in the wind. About the time I saw this sight, I heard the flight attendant say, “They’re taking one of the bodies back to their family.”

Jessica and I can easily get to Aurora in less than 30 minutes from where we live. Obviously, this tragedy hit very close to home. As Jessica and I made our way to the baggage claim, my mind was consumed with the thoughts that come from seeing a sight like this. Once we got to the conveyor belt, something was not right. No baggage was on any conveyor belt we passed, and the same was true for the one on which our bags were supposed to come out. The digital prompter was showing a long list of flights that still had baggage yet to arrive. Wondering what could be causing the delay, I came to two potential conclusions:

  1. This slowdown in operations has been caused by the inclement weather delays, and the subsequent backup of flights.
  2. This slowdown in operations has been caused by what is happening on the tarmac, out of respect for the one being transported and the military guard present.

This second potential conclusion was what caused the following line of reasoning: “Wow. One person affects 12 people, and those 12 families are going to be affected for a long time. Obviously, this one person’s actions has affected more than just these 12 families because—if these bags are being delayed out of respect for the one being transported—then everyone in this airport is not getting their bags as early as they otherwise may have had them. What if I had been in a rush to get my bags today? What if I had been in a rush to get my bags because I needed what was inside them? What if what was inside my bags was something that would vastly increase my chances of getting hired in a new global outreach company? What if I was unable to hold a successful job interview with this global outreach company, all because I did not get my bags on time? What if getting my bags just a few moments later was what kept me from making that job interview on time, reducing my hopes of getting that job even more as a result? What if getting that job would have allowed me to make a brilliant breakthrough in helping thousands of people across the globe, over the next 50 years of my career? What if I was able to help establish a system whereby that company would continue to impact the world for the many years to come after I am dead and gone? Wow. All of that could have been prevented by one person’s choice to affect 12 people in the first place.”

I truly believe that the divine being, God, can affect the whole, entire world. Here’s how.

Jesus appointed 12 men to be His apostles (Matthew 10:1-4). He commissioned these men to go out into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Matthew 28:18-20).

I believe it is time we stop thinking that one person cannot make any difference in this world. I believe we should all make the simple switch to do all that we can to not only believe that this is true, but also to utilize the opportunity God has given us to make it happen. Most importantly, I believe it is time each of us consider the power that dwells within the One divine God to make all the difference in our own lives.

“I came that they may have life, and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).


4 thoughts on “How One Person Affects the World

  1. We are all interconnected, at one time or another & it is good to see things from other perspectives. Actually think about how our actions can can influence others, positively & negatively … Great post!

    • Thank you Robert, for your kind words. With your understanding, may I suggest that you share this by reblogging it? Thank you. I appreciate your offer immensely. 😀

      Keep on keeping on.

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