Waiting on the World to Change

My brother-in-law has always been one of my favorite speakers and Bible teachers, ever since I heard him for the first time. Today, his streak continued. (Btw, you can check out his blog here).

Today’s discussion was about the conversion Paul experienced, from Saul to Paul…or at least, what we commonly consider to be the mere conversion of Saul to Paul (Acts 8-9). We think of Paul as a guy who was bad, and then became good. While this isn’t necessarily wrong, this is not all.

Think about it. Paul had been a guy so wrapped up in his Jewish heritage to the point that he hated these barbarian people, known as the Gentiles. All who were not Jewish were worthy of death. This Jesus he had heard about, was scum enough to not only associate with these people, but embrace them. Paul thought that putting these people to death was his God-given purpose and mission in life. Paul thought he was doing the will of God.

Now…consider your life.

What changes have occurred in the last year of your life? Much can happen in so little time.

Was there anything that happened that made you realize, “Wait, is what I’m doing really God’s will at all?” Or even, “Is what I’m doing more of my preference than what He wants for my life?”

Consider your simple switch:

  1. What if all of those things you thought were giving you your purpose, ultimately don’t lead to anything?
  2. What if your ambitions are really not what is best for your life, or even for the lives of others?

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