Why I’m Glad God Ignores Me

Here’s a problem I constantly encounter. There are some days when I just feel that my repeated failures are enough to make me want to stop trying to improve my character. I know I’m not alone because I have heard about some people who will choose not to follow God at all, saying, “God could never forgive my sins.”

This is why I was glad to stumble upon Isaiah 49. Come look for yourself.

When you read the first three verses, you’ll notice 1) that God addresses His servant—Israel (49:3), and 2) that Israel is aware of their God-given mission (49:1).

Next, you’ll see that Israel was fully aware of their past failures and mistakes (49:4a).

However, in spite of these mess-ups, God addresses Israel (49:5-8) to fulfill their mission:

  1. To bring Jacob back to Him / to bring Israel back to Him (49:5)
  2. To restore the preserved ones of Israel (49:6)
  3. To be a light to the nations (49:6)
  4. To bring salvation to the end of the earth (49:6)
  5. To be a covenant of the people (49:8)
  6. To restore the land (49:8)
  7. To make them inherit the desolate heritages (49:8)

God ignores Israel’s fixation on their own failure. In fact, He says, “Shout for joy … For the Lord has comforted His people …” (49:13). How?

  1. He has not forgotten His servant (49:15b)
  2. He has inscribed His servants on the palms of His hands (49:16) [*Note: Does not say, “He has inscribed the names of His servants on the palm of His hand]

Consider a simple switch in one of two ways:

  1. If you are not a Christian, and fear following God because you feel inadequate, no longer doubt. He helps you (49:8).
  2. If you are a Christian, and fear making the same mistakes over and over again, no longer doubtHe helps you (49:8).

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