Why I am Not a Leaf

I just had one of those days where I looked at myself and thought, “So…my whole life repeats in a cycle where I just ‘fake it to make it.’” I was looking at all the spiritual areas in my life that could still use some maturity and time for development, and concluded that I was spinning my wheels in a rut.

Sound familiar to you? Maybe you’ve tried to set goals for yourself. Maybe you’ve begun taking steps to fulfill that goal. Maybe, eventually, your motivation is derailed. Maybe, once again, you’ve digressed back to where you were originally…or worse. That’s when you think, “I know I’m better than this. Why can’t I improve this negative trait, that negative habit, this negative process, that negative endeavor, etc?”

Who knew that I would learn a lesson from ole’ Caleb? Caleb was a positive guy (Joshua 14:8; cf. Joshua 14:6-12). He was one of two guys, out of 12, who truly believed God would empower the Israelites to conquer the Promised Land (cf. Numbers 14; 32:12).

Caleb saw opportunity where everyone else saw failure; he chose to see positive rather than negative. He obviously felt confident, and was blessed as a result.

My wife encouraged me to do this, and I hope you will do the same. She told me to look at her painting she has hung in our dining room. It is predominantly green (with both light and dark shades thereof), along with some very dark black spots scattered throughout. She told me to focus on the darker areas. She said that if the painting represented my life, and the dark green areas represented my weak areas, and then I only focused on those 2-inch square dark/weak areas, then I might conclude that my life was a depiction of a leaf…rather than seeing the true masterpiece which God has painted.

When applied to your life, you’ll begin to see that you have more strong qualities than weak qualities. When you focus on the full, compiled masterpiece instead of the individual strokes and shades, you’ll help free yourself from insecurity and a lot of negative thoughts.

In sum, God uses both our weaknesses and our strengths to compile amazing works of art with our lives…if we, like Caleb, fully follow Him.

Have you made the choice to follow Him? Why would you not make the simple switch, to freedom and confidence both now and beyond?


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