Have You Ever Made a Mistake?

The following are my notes of a lecture given by one of my Bible teachers, put into a blog post. It is interactive, meaning you may want to get out a pen and go through the quick marking process that is outlined below. I wanted to preserve the lecture in one more way than memory, so I hope you enjoy it:

In Isaiah 55, God is speaking to His people through Isaiah, His prophet. These people are in captivity. Essentially, God says, “Just come to Me, and you will see beautiful promises because I am God.”

Invitation – (God calls the people to repent; God gives free spiritual sustenance) ~ Underline the following words/phrases in the following verses (All references from the NASB):

55:1 – Words: Come, Buy, Eat

55:2 – Words: Listen, Eat

55:3 – Words: Incline, Come

55:6 – Words: Seek, Call

55:7 – Words: Forsake, Return

55:12 – Phrase: “Clap their hands”

Reassurance – (God is not like humans) ~ Circle the following words/phrases in the following verses:

55:8 – Phrase 1: “My thoughts are not your thoughts”

55:8 – Phrase 2: “Neither are your ways My ways”

55:9 – Phrase 1: “So are My ways higher than your ways”

55:9 – Phrase 2: “And My thought than your thoughts”

55:11 – Circle the whole verse

Promises – (God blesses those who respond) ~ Box the following words/phrases in the following verses:

55:2 – Phrase: “And delight yourself in abundance”

55:3 – Phrase 1: “That you may live”

55:3 – Phrase 2: “I will make an everlasting covenant with you”

55:7 – He will have compassion on him [the unrighteous who returns to God]”

55:12 – Phrase 1: “For you will go out with joy”

55:12 – Phrase 2: “And be led forth with peace”

55:12 – Phrase 3: “The mountains and the hills will break forth into shouts of joy before you”

(Thanks to Dr. Dan R. Owen)

My thoughts: Sometimes I make a mistake, and wonder, “Why would God want to forgive me? He’s perfect and I’m not. What good does it do to go to Him in prayer and admit my mistakes over and over and over and over again, when anybody else would grow sick and tired of the same ole’ situation?” Then, I make a simple switch, and read this chapter. Won’t you?


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