Why Jury Duty is Good for You

Imagine yourself on a jury. You are here to determine whether the claims of Jesus are true or not. Among all who could take the witness stand, to whom would you want to listen the most?

In John chapter five, Jesus is telling the Jews that there are at least five witnesses that verify who He claims to be (John 5:30-47, cf. 5:16).

Since the Jews did not believe Jesus was who He said He was (5:18), and since some today do not believe Jesus is who He says He is, He offered these five witnesses as support for His claims. They are:

  1. John the Baptist (5:33)
  2. The works (i.e. the signs) of the Father (5:36)
  3. The Father who sent [Jesus] (5:37)
  4. The Scriptures (5:39)
  5. Moses (5:45b-47)

I would encourage you to take a marking tool, and circle/underline/box all the references to ‘testimony’ and/or ‘bearing witness’ in this section. In my NASB, I have circled about 11 references to either of these two terms.

Considering these testimonies is important for five reasons:

  1. Jesus exercises just judgment (5:30)
  2. His word abides in those who believe in Him (5:38)
  3. You are given a choice to come to Jesus (5:40, cf. 5:25)
  4. You may have life (5:40)
  5. Your belief can be affected by peer pressure (5:44)

If you have not searched the Scriptures or considered the testimonies of Christ, will you not make the simple switch? Will you believe His words (5:47)? Who will you receive (5:43; cf. 1:11-12)?


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