A Man Who Can Speak to the Dead

I have occasionally entertained the thought of being able to communicate with my grandfather, who died before my parents were married. Recently I stumbled on this article. Even now, I am quite awestruck at some of eHow.com’s suggestions for communicating with the dead (e.g. pendulums, seances, trances, and more). What about you?

Can you relate to having similar thoughts? Was there someone in your life you wish you could talk to at this very moment? John talks about one man who can speak to the dead.

In John 5:17-29, you will find that the power of Jesus is outlined in seven descriptions:

1. The Son does what the Father does (5:19).

2. The Son does great works (5:20).

3. The Son gives (spiritual) life (5:21).

4. The Son judges (5:22).

5. The Son has life in Himself (5:26).

6. The Son executes judgment (5:27).

7. The Son will call the dead to life (5:25, 28).

These facts point to one important conclusion. Jesus has the power to grant both life and justice towards you.

Since Jesus can give both life and justice, you and I must decide to either obey God’s standards or live according to our own standards (5:29). John implies that listening to Him and obeying Him is a choice (5:23-25, 29).

Your choice should be done with the knowledge that a resurrection will take place–either to eternal, spiritual life–or to judgment (5:29).

In the end, Jesus gives life to whom He wishes (5:21). He wishes to give life to those who have decided to hear, believe, and obey (5:24, 29). Have you made this decision? If not, will you not make the simple switch? What will happen to you when you hear His voice (5:28)?


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