My Brother-in-Law is Better Than Yours

If I told you I had a lame brother-in-law, what would you think of my attitude? If you think my brother-in-law is a low-down, dirty, rotten, good-for-nothing kind of brother-in-law who still lives with his parents because he’s too lazy to get a job…you’d be wrong.

My brother-in-law is coming to town. Believe me, Santa Claus has nothing on this guy. Pete is a happy-go-lucky kinda guy, who basically travels the nation to encourage countless congregations. Pete is a man on four-wheel drive, and hardly any of us in the family can slow him down…quite literally, in fact. He spends most of his time in his wheelchair, because he has never taken a step before in his life. He is lame, but only in the physical sense. Let me ask you…do you know someone who is lame?

How would your life change if you had a child who would never be able to walk? My guess is that you may go to John chapter five to consider the lame man in John’s gospel.

John’s lesson for his readers, in John 5:1-18, is repeated numerous times. John displays that Jesus is the great healer. This is emphasized in at least seven verses in this context (5:6, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15).

Why is this important? Jesus warned this man who was healed that there is a sickness that leads to something worse (5:14). This sickness is sin. When Jesus heals you from your sin, you can walk in a way you never have before (5:8-9).

If you notice very carefully in verses 6-8, you will see that Jesus asked the man a question. Clearly, being made well is a choice, correct? When this lame man made the choice to be made well, Jesus healed him. You too must decide if you want to be made well and decide if you want to do what Jesus tells you to do.

If you do not decide to be made well and/or do not decide to do what Jesus tells you to do, then you will remain sick. If you keep Jesus’ words, you will never see death (cf. 8:51).

In sum, Jesus can be your healer, no matter your age (5:5). That is, if you make the simple switch and choose to submit to His power and wisdom. What is your choice? Will you arise, take up your pallet, and walk?


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