Love All or Trust a Few?

Who do you trust the most? Is it your husband? Is it your wife? Who do you rely on the most? Do you trust yourself the most? What about your children, are they trustworthy?

I remember being in Boy Scouts and reciting the Scout Law practically every week. This law is a list of all that “a scout is.” You probably guessed by now that first on the list is trustworthiness. “A scout is trustworthy.” Let me ask you, “Is Jesus trustworthy?”

Jesus’ signs are symbolic actions designed to teach spiritual lessons. The one in John 4:43-54 is the second sign Jesus performed in Galilee (4:45, 54). Here, Jesus heals a sick child (4:46). John wants you to see that the child’s father (the royal official) trusted Jesus, yet without proof.

This is significant because many today think they must have every fact straight and all ducks lined up in a row before they feel prepared to trust in Jesus.

John has indicated for you that faith must be placed in Jesus because this is the only way you can be made whole (4:50, 53). Believing, however, does not mean the absence of doubt. Believing means deciding to trust in spite of your doubts. Belief of conviction is different than deciding to act (cf. 12:42-43). Unacceptable faith is when we don’t decide to act on our belief. Here, we see that belief…with doubts…is acceptable.

Indeed, blessed are they who did not see, and yet have believed (cf. John 20:29b).

Where are you right now? Are you full of doubt? Are you debating to either act or not? Are you avoiding the simple switch to follow Christ? Will you consider the faith of the royal official? Will you not reconsider your own faith…even yet without proof?


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