What Your Biology Class Didn’t Teach You

What grows best in a garden? The answer is obvious to me. Weeds. Weeds grow best in a garden. Whether we desire that the weeds grow or not is entirely another discussion. I am willing to suggest, however, that we desire growth in more important categories of life beyond just gardening. For example…

Would you be worried if your child did not develop physically in the next six months? Would you be worried if your investment numbers did not change in the next year? Would you be worried if your hair stopped growing? Would you be worried if your spousal relationship hit a plateau?

As John continues his gospel in John 4:31-42, you will find that Jesus came to earth for a particular purpose (4:34). You will see that Jesus came to harvest those who are ripe for gathering; these are gathered for eternal life (4:36). Jesus considers every person important. He not only came to labor in the field Himself, but also to the extent of sending others to do the same (4:32, 38).

From verse 39 on, you will see that some believed in Jesus because of what someone else told them (4:39). Others believed because of what He Himself told them (4:40-41). The emphasis here, is not just that you have a choice to either believe in Jesus or not believe in Jesus. The emphasis is to hear for yourselves the words of Jesus in order to make your decision (4:42). If you don’t, how can you truly make the choice to grow in your understanding of Christ (4:42)? How can you become white for harvest (4:35)?

You can believe (4:39, 41-42) through the words (4:39, 41-42) before you that this One is indeed the Savior of the world (4:42). If you have not read these words or testimonies (4:39; cf. 4:44), will you not make the simple switch? Will you listen to the testimonies? Will you grow in your understanding of Jesus? Will you become ripe for harvest?


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