The Best Bottled Water On Market

On a trip to El Salvador, the group I was in was told to drink bottled water exclusively. I remember drinking some Powerade on occasion, but ultimately, water was the way to go. This was because the water in that country was not as clean as what we are accustomed to in the United States, and it would have easily made us sick.

Have you ever tasted bad water? Maybe you have had the unfortunate experience of accidentally swallowing ocean water, or even the water in your local public pool. I’m guessing you would rather have clean water, right? Come look at where you can access some of the best water around.

John recalls Jesus’ encounter with a Samaritan woman in John 4:1-30. By doing so, he is able to reveal Jesus’ identity as the living water. In this context, this woman went from calling Jesus a Jew (4:9), to calling Him a prophet (4:19), to calling Him the Christ (4:29). She recognized Jesus as the living water (4:25-26).

Knowing that Jesus is the ‘living water’ is important because it implies that all people need Jesus to live spiritually…just as all people need water to live physically. Without water, we die. Without Jesus, we die (4:13-14; cf. 7:37-38).

This woman recognized her need for this thirst-quenching water. This woman did not negate her own sinfulness when Jesus pointed it out (4:17-18), and as a result, she came to understand that she was not a true worshipper of God (4:23). By coming to Jesus and making Him your Lord, your spiritual thirst will be quenched.

Those who submit to Christ and turn from sin are true worshippers (4:23-24). Are you a true worshipper? Have you had your spiritual thirst quenched? If not, will you not make the simple switch, and follow Christ?


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