The Most Popular Man in the World

Popularity is the golden ticket. The more friends you have on Facebook, the better. The more blog followers you have, the better. The more well-liked you are, the better. You and I listen to radio’s most popular names in music each day. You vote for president both by electoral college and popular vote. You are well-aware of the most popular kids at your school, as well as the popular people at work. The list goes on and on…

This being the case, you probably are well aware of the most popular man in history, correct? John wanted to be sure you would know him.

As John continues his gospel in 3:22-36, he highlights John the Baptist’s plea–namely, that Jesus must be emphasized the most (3:30). John did not wish to be the center of attention, but made sure everyone around him knew about Jesus (3:26-28). Why was this the case?

John gives five reasons why Jesus is most popular:

  1. Jesus came from above (3:30)
  2. Jesus came from heaven (3:30)
  3. Jesus is above all (3:30)
  4. Jesus bears witness to heaven above (3:32)
  5. Jesus verifies God (3:33)

In the previous post, you saw how Jesus discussed the necessity of belief coupled with action. In the last verse, we see John ‘bookend’ this teaching. He tells his readers to believe in Jesus and obey Jesus (3:36). This is important because the wrath of God abides on those do neither of these. The thought may not seem like the popular decision, but it is the right decision.

I still remember a quote that hung on a poster in one of my high school classrooms. It read, “What is popular, isn’t always right, and what is right, isn’t always popular.” May I encourage you to make the simple switch from being popular in the eyes of the world to being popular in the eyes of the Lord? Will you not make the right decision?


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