Engineering Blunder: A Tunnel with No Exit

Living in Colorado, I am well aware that the Eisenhower Tunnel is one of the highest tunnels in this country. It is also unique in that it is about one mile in length. I remember the first time I tried to hold my breath through that tunnel; it was one occasion where I couldn’t see the light at the end soon enough. Have you ever tried to hold your breath through a tunnel?

Even if you can’t relate to this strange tradition, maybe you have at least experienced the proverbial ‘light at the end.’ Did you ever consider how you would feel if you entered a tunnel, but never came out? You may be surprised that John considers this question in his gospel…in a way.

In John 3:15-21, John has recorded what are perhaps Jesus’ most famous words (3:16). These seven verses are here to inform you that belief in Jesus is only half the picture. Jesus says your belief must be coupled with action, or else you will not be saved through Him (3:17). In 3:19-21, you will find that those who do not exert this required action are those who do not come to the light, but remain in darkness.

Discover for Yourself:

Step One – Circle words such as: ‘believe,’ ‘believes,’ or ‘believed’

Step Two – Circle words such as: ‘come(s),’ ‘deeds,’ ‘does,’ ‘practices,’ or ‘wrought’

Looking at your markings, you will discover that Jesus has placed strong emphasis in action…coupled with belief. Jesus wants you to come to the light by both believing in Him and practicing the truth (3:21). If you do, ‘it may be clearly seen that his [i.e. your] deeds have been carried out in God’ (ESV 3:21b–addition mine).

Jesus died for the whole world (3:16-17), correct? You are in the world, correct? If these statements are correct, then Jesus died for you. Will you make the simple switch to be saved through Jesus by believing in him and by practicing the truth? Will you come to the light?


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