Why Storks Have Good Maternity Insurance

I’ve always wondered why the stork is the pretended bringer of babies. The best I can come up with is that most women prefer to believe their child is a gift from above…and not a curse from some other animal that crawls on, or even burrows beneath, the ground. That would seem to put a lot of pressure on these weak-legged creatures, wouldn’t it? In my mind, at least, I am thankful that the stork waits for each person’s decision that the delivery time is right. Otherwise we might be seeing America begin to sue the likes of North American wildlife. What about you?

Have you ever thought of any possibilities as to why we think children come ‘from above?’ One at least, may be because of what we read in John 3:1-15.

Here, John wants us to know that Jesus’ signs were not meant to merely perform miraculous works, but that they had been performed because they contained a spiritual aspect that can be understood.

Jesus’ signs show not only that he came from God (3:2), but also that anyone else who chooses to be ‘born from above’ will see, and be with, God (3:3; 3:31 – the same word is translated ‘again’ in verse 3 and is translated ‘from above’ in verse 31).

John repeats Christ’s teaching that a person must be born from above. Only those who are born of water and the Spirit (3:5) are born from above. The element of water is found in the later context (3:23; 4:1-2), and the Spirit is found in the immediate context (3:6-8).

Consider the physical parallel: a human child is born as a result of seed and the act of ‘coming out of.’ In the same way, a spiritual child of God is born as a result of the seed implanted by the word, and ‘coming out of’ the former way of life through ‘the womb’ of baptism.

Being born from above brings new, spiritual life (3:3; cf. 18:36). The effects of a new birth can be seen in a new spiritual life (3:8). In sum, your spiritual rebirth will cause you to become a child of God (1:12; 3:6).

Will you not make the simple switch to be born from above? Will you consume his word and submit your life to him to be made new? What is stopping you from becoming a child of God and seeing God’s kingdom?


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