Gospel: A Focal Point in the Roman Epistle (4)

< Part Three

The third major venue is the purpose of the gospel. That is, the gospel is the message of benefit for each person. The purpose of the gospel, then, is supported by four major points found within the book. The first point is found in Romans 1:16. Here, Paul concludes that the gospel is for salvation. The second point, mentioned in the very next verse, is that the gospel reveals God’s righteousness (1:17). The third point is made in 2:16, when Paul asserts that God will use the gospel as the means by which He will judge the secrets of men. The last point, given in the last chapter, pronounces the gospel as the mechanism by which Christ establishes men (16:25). In conclusion, the purpose of the gospel serves to portray the nature and justice of God in order to emphasize how He provides for the needs of His creation.

What value, then, is the portrait, procedure, and purpose of the gospel? Consider part five.

Part Five >


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