Where Zombies Are Found in Scripture

I was intrigued to learn that a zombie, originally, is a snake-deity deriving from certain parts of West Africa and Haiti. Further, I found that they hold a certain aspect to some African and Caribbean religions.

In any case, the word ‘zombie’ informally refers to ‘a person who is or appears lifeless’ (New Oxford American Dictionary, 2nd edition: 2005 Oxford University Press, Inc.). If you’re like me, especially in the early dawn of morning, you have been there and done that.

Would you be surprised to know that Christianity describes lifeless beings in its passages?

When you read John 2:13-25, there are several words and phrases that stick out. First, grab a pen or colored pencil and mark the following words in this passage:

  1. The temple
  2. My Father’s house
  3. Your house
  4. Signs
  5. Believed

Consider: John wants you, his reader, to A) see the sign that the Jews saw regarding the temple (2:18), and B) believe their testimony.

Since the disciples did not fully understand the meaning of this sign until after Jesus had been resurrected (2:22, cf. 2:17), John is noting that this sign points forward to Jesus’ coming resurrection (seen in chapter 20). Importantly, you will learn here in chapter two that Jesus claimed to have power over his physical body in being able to raise it from the dead.

For you, this is important because if he conquered death once, he can conquer it again. Most importantly, he can help you conquer death as well. He can grant you eternal life…and that to every lifeless human being.

Jesus cleared out the corruption in the Jerusalem temple and would later institute the pure, spiritual ‘temple of his body’ (i.e. his church; cf. Matthew 16:16-18; I Corinthians 3:16-17; I Peter 2:5; Colossians 1:18). As the builder of a new temple, he not only can grant you eternal life, but also can cleanse your ‘original’ temple (i.e. your body, your life) today (cf. John 10:10).

Will you make the simple switch from ruin to restoration? Will you pursue life over death? Will you renew your temple today?


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