Emma Watson? Expelled?

Having not read the books myself, my curiosity brought me to the theatre for the first Harry Potter movie. I have always been amused by Emma Watson’s character, Hermione. In one particular scene, after she and her friends barely escape being killed, she snaps at them with, “I suggest you two don’t do anything anymore that will get us killed…or worse, expelled.

This character obviously had a love for school. You might also say she had a fear of leaving school.

What about you? What are some major fears in your life? Are there times when you feel all alone? Are there times when you feel like life has just plain ‘kicked you out?’ You are not alone…and here’s why.

Haggai was a prophet who found himself among people who were fearful and timid. In spite of this however, the people overcame this anxiety with one particular lesson–namely, that the might of God’s presence overcomes timidity (Haggai 2:1-9). In context, the Israelites are urged by God to do what they had returned to do (i.e. rebuild the temple). God wanted His people to know that they would not be able to experience His blessings if they continued to sit lethargic. God has always wanted His people to be action-oriented so that they will learn to trust His provision and eagerly fulfill His plans. To this end, He, above all, wants to be glorified.

In this short paragraph, God assures His people that He is with them because He is keeping His promises (2:3-9), because He is working through His Spirit (2:6-8), and because He is fulfilling His scheme of redemption (2:3, compare with verse 9). Imagine how the world might change if they were empowered by the Lord’s presence. What about in your own life? Would your life change if your fears were alleviated? Are you living under the might of His presence?

As you go through your week, consider the Israelites’ return to God. Will you make the simple switch to enter His presence? Consider Him, from this day forward (2:15,18).


Are you far from God? Do you often ask, “how can I get saved?” Consider Him, and return.


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