World’s Strongest Man’s Source of Strength

Lance Armstrong inspired cancer patients everywhere. He inspired athletes worldwide. His bright yellow wristbands inspired countless people to “Livestrong.”

For some, he was more than an inspiration. He was not only an example of strength, but a source of strength.

Paul, however, tells Timothy that Jesus is the source of strength (I Timothy 1:12-17). Here, Paul says Jesus “considered him faithful” (12), that he was “shown mercy” (13), and ultimately, that the grace, faith, and love of Christ was at work in his life (14).

Paul got his strength through Jesus. The way to enduring strength is through eternal power (16), not self-generated power. The path to glory is through the eternal King (17), not self-appointed lordship. The way to strength is through weakness.

Weakness in self. Strength in Him.

*This does not mean you are to remain weak in order to be made strong by Him, but that since you remain weak (i.e. finite people), you are made strong…in Him.

In a day of weakness, remember to make the simple switch from weakness to strength. Be strong…in Christ. May you be like Paul, and be used by Jesus as a demonstration of His power.

-Which of you will be strengthened? Which of you will be strengthened in Christ?

Which of you will live strong?


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