Clean Clarity Makes All the Difference

While I’m no expert in politics, I can identify when something is not clear. I cannot begin to count how many State of the Union addresses I’ve heard that ultimately left me saying, “Wait…huh?” or, “What is his point?” Did you ever have the same questions?

Maybe it was your English teacher who asked you, “Are we clear as mud?” What kind of question is that?! Surely you and I can get along best with those who are clear with what they are intending to say. Here’s one such example:

You will find the purpose statement of the gospel of John stated in 20:30-31. You may have life in Jesus’ name by believing that Jesus is the Christ (31). For the opportunity to believe in Jesus, you will need evidence, and this evidence is in the signs He performed (30).

You’ll find that these signs are meant to invoke a response in you to the divinity of, and salvation in, Christ. The writing aims to teach spiritual lessons, and more importantly, to help convict you to rely on Jesus for making both the removal of sin and a relationship with God possible.

This fourth gospel will help you realize that no one can live spiritually without Jesus. If you are without Jesus, will you make the simple switch? Will you search the signs and Scriptures to give your heart the peace of mind that you did the research? Let’s go!


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