Surprising Discoveries People Find Through Investigation

To this day I still remember a time I was late for school because I spent fifteen extra minutes looking for my backpack. As I searched, my mom asked me why I hadn’t left 15 minutes earlier. When I told her why, she told me my backpack was on my back. Can you relate to this? Please say you can. Well, even if you can’t, I know someone who understands seeking and finding.

John 1:38-51 discusses this key concept: seeking and finding. John portrays seeking to verify the testimony others have given about Jesus to see if it is true. Rather than readily accepting someone else’s teaching, these five men (37-45) made sure to examine the evidence for themselves.

John’s writing shows that Jesus wants all men to follow Him (1:43), by seeking (examining, 1:38) the evidence. “Come and see” (1:39, 46) because those who testify call Him “the Messiah” (41), “Him of whom Moses and the Prophets wrote” (45), the “Son of God,” and the “King of Israel” (49). Are these testimonies true?

Understand that these men found the testimonies to be true for themselves after they sought to examine the evidence about Jesus, and that you can seek truth as well. What will you decide after studying the gospel of John? Have you ever taken the time to examine the evidence? If not, consider a simple switch to weigh both sides. If it did lead to the removal of sin (1:29), what would you have to lose besides the opportunity to seek and possibly find?


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