Man Convinces Others of Extraterrestrial Encounter

I heard a story about two men who skipped work one day to go play golf. To their surprise, the both of them were able to get a hole-in-one for the first time in their lives. Then, as if that were not enough, they continued to get holes-in-one at the second hole, the third hole, the fourth hole, and all the way through hole 18. Finally, one of them asked the other, “So…who can we tell?”

Have you ever witnessed a fantastic event? Did you ever see a famous celebrity in some random, unexpected location, only to have no one believe you? Did you realize the importance of an eyewitness testimony when you described your story? I know of someone who can relate.

In John 1:29-37, John the Baptist testifies that Jesus is the Lamb of God (1:29), and the Son of God (1:34). His teaching is based on his eyewitness testimony where he says he saw Jesus coming to him (29). This is important because John says that this Lamb of God takes away the sin of the world.

The lesson for you and I is to see Jesus as more than just a man. John the Baptist made the mistake, at first, to see Jesus as less than divine (1:31, 33). If John recognized (1:33,34) Jesus as ‘the Lamb’ (1:29), ‘a Man who has a higher rank than I’ (1:30), and ‘a Man who existed before me’ (1:30)…should we not also?

John the Baptist gave his testimony of Jesus to his disciples (1:36,37). You and I will do well to remember that these men followed Jesus after hearing about Jesus. They believed John’s testimony. They followed with much trust and much faith in this testimony.

You can follow the Lamb of God today and have your sins taken away. How great would it be to have the burden taken off your back? May you make the simple switch today, to trust in the testimony laid down by the Gospel of John, and to follow the Son of God in faith.


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