Baby Bible Geniuses

I only saw the previews for it, but the movie Baby Geniuses depicts, well, just what the title suggests. I remember seeing the preview and now think, “Of course, no one would ever expect a baby genius. That must be why they made the movie.”

Did you ever think people never gave you enough credit because of your age? You know, as well as I do, that children and young people in general, are important, right?

In John 1:1-18, John communicates one key principle that all young people should learn. This, in short, is that Jesus Christ is the one, and only, by whom you can become a child of God (1:12). If you desire to have life (1:4), know God (1:18), and fellowship with God (1:18), then Jesus is your most dire need. In order to have the right (i.e. authority or power) to become a child of God, you must be born of God (1:13). Unless I am interpreting incorrectly, you cannot be a child of God without this divine rebirth. In the end, John wants his readers to remember that Jesus is the victor over darkness, and the herald of grace and truth.

Were you ever told that you were too young to understand the Bible? Have you always been confused over what the life of Jesus means for you? Are you convinced that the Bible is just an out-dated book that no longer applies to your modern situation? How would your life change if a second glance found otherwise?

Let me invite you to make a simple switch. In your mind, be convinced that you are not too young to understand the Bible. What hurt would it be to you, to take a brief moment out of your week to understand what the Bible is saying? What hurt would it be to you, to make sure that what you read on the computer screen matches with what you read on the Bible page?

Let’s explore together.


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