The Facts of Grief (2)

If you would like to see the first post in this series, before reading this one, click here.


Clif and Louise Phillips were a 75+ year old couple who brought me to tears. Full, heavy, flowing, tears.

These ordinary people took the time to come up to me and ramble about all the ways they looked up to me. I was truly floored.

Who in your life, with just their speech, not only refreshed your spirits on a good day, but also carried you out of your lowest valley of despair?

Paul says that grief is overcome in Christ (II Corinthians 1:3-7). The main lesson is simple–the Lord’s comfort enables peace. This is because my composure is not powerful enough to overcome grief and sorrow from within; instead, tranquility comes from without me and above me (1:3-5). I must not only engage this power, but also share its ensuing extension of comfort (1:6-7), because Christ did so for me (1:5).

If today you are on the valley floor, looking to the blurry mountaintop, remember: You are not alone. What if you were able to grasp, this very moment, surrounding comfort in all your afflictions? How would your world change if you were able to share that same comfort with those you love and adore the most? Why would you not make the simple switch? The switch to the Lord’s comfort and salvation…will wipe away your tears.


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