Restoration: The Result of Change

Ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY: My Story

“Keep on keeping on.”


I once complained to God that I was so blessed.  I wanted to empathize with those who struggled.  At times, I felt useless.  Was I crazy?

Jesus told a crazy man to go to his house and friends and tell them how the Lord had mercy on him (Mark 5:1-20).  Why did Jesus, the Son of God, think a crazy man would do that?  Because…Jesus healed him first.

The phrase in quotes you see above has remained in my memory since the day I heard it:  Sunday, July 29, 2001.

I was baptized that day.  There was an older couple who happened to be present at the service that night; they were traveling through Colorado having come all the way from Arkansas.  They were kind enough to come up to me after the event and encourage me.  It was the husband who simply said, “”Keep on keeping on.””

I suppose the man’’s wisdom stemmed from the fact that he had been around the block several times.  He knew that my spiritual and physical lives would, on occasion, be rattled around.  They have.

This man’’s encouragement left me to understand that perseverance is my responsibility.  What I failed to learn quickly however, was that when I can no longer cause my flesh to go any further–I can’’t expect to conquer alone.  I have only learned recently that I cannot do enough to be considered worthy by God.

He already deemed me worthy when He sent His Son.

There has never before been a peace in my life such as this.

Jesus told a formerly crazy man to go to his house and friends and tell them all the great things the Lord had done for him.  Why did Jesus, the Son of God, think he would do this?  Because the man had been healed.

I have been healed.  You cannot bind me with chains as I enter the tombs of this dying world.

Call me crazy if you want–but I am a healed, crazy man.

What I can say about me is that I no longer feel useless.  I long to tell the world what the Lord has done for me, because I have been shown mercy.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your story?


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