A Blueprint to Bolster Your Investments

My great-grandpa was a talker. He could talk a fencepost into the ground. He was loud, outspoken, and rooted in his beliefs. To a certain extent, he absolutely terrified all of us introverted great-grandsons with his boisterous personality…even though we killed each other with Sock-Em Boppers.

As capable as great-grandpa was in speaking much with his mouth, he was capable in doing just as much with his hands. Though he lived 92 years, he was one to work in the yard well into his late 80s. There was no match to to him when it came to having the most plump and red tomatoes. Neighbors living both next to him and at least one generation below him could never get their grass quite so green. Great-grandpa didn’t know the meaning of laziness. Each new day was a new day to be diligent.

From his example, I learned that diligence is a trait of good character. At the same time, I must say that diligence does more than just grow green and red foliage. If that is your idea, consider a simple switch in definition. Diligence is an earnest commitment to nurturing our relationships, and administering to them. I desire that each one of you show the same diligence so as to realize the full assurance of hope until the end.

Your diligence can be administered to those who need it. Just once this week, examine your opportunities to tend to your relationships. By your words, be diligent to encourage; compliment the good characteristics you see in your loved ones. By your actions, be diligent to serve; consider cooking meals or fixing leaky pipes. Your deposits in them will yield a great return for future generations to enjoy.


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