A Condition Causing Green Skin


Image by rubberpaw via Flickr

My wife’s grandparents are still living. One of my favorite memories with them was when they offered to take us to the local high school play where they live in north Alabama. We got our tickets, went in to the auditorium, and began reading the program to understand what the play was about. The lights went low, the actors came out and went through the scene…and halfway through the first scene, grandpa leans over to grandma and says, “This is the most boring play I think we’ve ever been to.”

As soon as the intermission started, grandpa leans over grandma and asks the two of us, “Do you guys want to go home?” We all got up and went to the back of the auditorium, and proceeded to the car. Then, it happened. As we were walking through the parking lot, my wife’s grandpa–who is well into his eighties–ran a full sprint through the parking lot to the car. You would have thought a sheep-dog had been released into the pasture.

Obviously, life is merely the beginning during the golden years. I am thankful to Grandpa H. Daniel for teaching me that lesson. I’m sure he would join me in this invitation to you. Make the simple switch from feeling inadequate to useful. You who are righteous, will flourish without regrets (Psalm 95:12-15).


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