Taming Your Bad Hair Days

Jonah: Crazy Hair DayDoes your school have a “Spirit Week?” You know, those weeks in which each day called for something different, and people came to school meeting that criteria. These included “Crazy Hair Days,” “Mis-matched Socks Days,” “Retro Days,” and others. Personally, I never wanted anything to do with any of these days for any reason. For one, I had no steady stream of income. I mean, I was so broke I couldn’t even pay attention. More importantly, however, I never participated because I didn’t want to be considered weird.

That’s right. While I may have wanted to be popular deep down, I knew my efforts would be fruitless. I am not Type A or extroverted, and I don’t regularly crave any serious amount of attention from others. So, for four years, I figured that if I was at least “one level” more cool than the next guy, then I at least could get by (a mindset that I now wish I had changed).

Please understand that I try my best not to label other people with harsh labels, but honestly…measuring up to everyone else’s standards was hard, because not every person was exactly like me. I haven’t always been able to get along with every person I have ever met, just as I have also known people who would say the same about me.

Here’s my simple switch for you. Rather than holding the next guy accountable to your standards, prevent him from being discouraged, and encourage him to stand on his.


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