Virgin Islands Brace for Snow

British Virgin IslandsI attend school with a guy who is from the British Virgin Islands. Not long ago, he was asking me how to properly drive in the snow while we were traveling down the road during a big blizzard. As soon as I told him how not to lose control, I lost control and slid into the sidewalk. Thankfully a ‘used’ tire rim only cost us slightly more than an Andrew Jackson.

Have you ever felt like you had no control? Maybe your wife was sick and you wanted to be sick in her place. Maybe your husband lost his job and you wanted to cheer him up. Maybe you watched the news today and wondered, “How come we still haven’t found a cure for cancer?”

Life sometimes leaves us feeling empty. The answers to these questions and others like them are often left to suspicion with even fewer answers.

How do we change this?

The simple switch clearly involves becoming full where we were once empty. How do we dig ourselves out after being buried?

What are your thoughts? Do you think it comes from within? If yes, why? If not, why not?


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