6 Ways to Tell if Your Spiritual Life is Ritual-Heavy and Relationship-Light


An inescapable truth in Scripture: Christianity is centered on relationship. Not ritual.

Is that to say ritual is meaningless and unimportant? Nope. But the moment the execution of proper ritual eclipses the pursuit of meaningful relationship with God and people, we’ve missed the mark.

So here are 6 ways to tell if your Christianity is more about ritual than relationship:

  1. You talk more about issues than you do about Christ.

  2. Worship/ritual feels empty.

  3. You would rather debate someone than share what Christ has done in your life.

  4. You know a lot of what the Bible says, but you don’t do all that much of what the Bible says.

  5. Because your public worship happens a lot more than your private devotion, people think you’re holier than you are.

  6. Your Christianity isn’t very portable; it stays mostly at the church building.

I’d love to say I can’t identify with any of these, but that would be very untrue. I’m glad to say, though, that a lot fewer of them apply today than did a few years ago.

What about you?


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